Harrington's Hope Closet

HARRINGTON’S HOPE is a community “Care Closet”, located at Park Church. It is filled with non-food items which cannot be purchased with Bridge Cards; such items include personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and baby products. Families or individuals using HARRINGTON’S HOPE may sign up to receive assistance once a month by appointment.  The care closet is usually open on Wednesday afternoons.

For more information, contact Brenda, Sherry or Jane at harringtonshope@gmail.com

You may also call (616)335-3360 with your questions or to set up an appointment. There will be an answering machine only; please leave a message and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to Donate?

This is a neighborhood effort designed to assist people who live within the Harrington community. Our hope is that in some way we can all contribute to improve the lives of those around us who need assistance in this way. HARRINGTON’S HOPE is uniquely different from other Care Closets in Holland, in that it is administered, planned, stocked, staffed and used solely by people in our local community.

If you would like to DONATE items, click here to see a list of items collected each month, or click here to see an inventory listing of all items provided to Harrington's Hope clients.