Teusink's Community Garden

~ the garden is located adjacent to Teusink's Pony Farm, just behind the southeast corner of the Park Church parking lot.

~ it is open from mid- April through mid-October.

~ neighbors within a 2-mile radius of Teusink's Pony Farm are welcome to rent plots on a first come-first served basis.

The Teusink website has guidelines and registration forms, or contact the church for more information.

Metal recycling

We Take: metal posts, exercise equipment, door springs, old grills, vacuum cleaners, filing cabinets, broken appliances, pumps, electrical cords and wire including Christmas lights, motors, brass and copper parts, aluminum screens and siding, wire shelves, and much more!

Free pick-up or Drop-off: Simply call the church office at 335-8746 or email the church office at office@parkchurchholland.org for drop-off or pick-up information.

Freon Removal: There is a $10 charge for items containing Freon such as freezer, air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers. This “pass through” charge covers the cost for environmentally safe abatement of Freon.

If it’s metal, we can take it! Please do not drop off anything at the church without calling ahead. This ministry takes place throughout the year, a few Wednesday evenings/month, weather permitting. Call the church office for the schedule.

Park Music Academy

The Park Church Music Academy offers private lessons for Park children/youth and for those in the neighboring community.  Lessons could include: piano, guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, or drums.  Vocal classes are also a possibility this fall. Sign-ups are limited based on current availability, and interested students will fill out an application. 

The purpose of Park Music Academy is to encourage the children and young people in the Park Church congregation and neighborhood to develop musical gifts, and invite the children to use their gifts in the life of the church.



Lessons are taught by the musicians of Park Church and the neighborhood at minimal cost ($10 for ½ hour) to the participants.   Students can apply for scholarships if the cost is prohibitive.  Most lessons are offered on Wednesday afternoon.   


Students will be placed by age and application date. Minimum grade level for private instrumental lessons is 3rd grade, due to the necessity for independent reading and finger strength.  Students will be expected to practice on a regular (daily) basis; students who do not practice will lose their time slot when a new session begins. Also, students who miss 2 lessons without notification will also lose their time slot when a new session begins.