When You Arrive on a Sunday Morning...

We recognize that it is difficult coming to a new place for the first time and we've been there too. 

So, we do what we can to help make it go smoothly for you.  

Sunday services begin at 9:30am

Most people arrive about 5 minutes early. 

There is plenty of parking available.  Back by the parking lot is also where you will find the main entrance. 

On a typical Sunday, about 200 people attend our worship service.  Park Church includes all ages.  About 50% of the church is older than 50, and 50% is younger than 50.  

Most people dress in business casual, but wear what makes you feel comfortable. 

Before the church service begins

Once inside  the building, you enter our lobby area.  Here, you will see an information circle where you can say "Hi" and ask any questions.  We expect to see new faces, and there will be others who will say hello.  Free coffee is served before the service. 

Bathrooms are located in the lobby area, including a couple of family bathrooms.  

If you have young children you can choose to bring them into church with you.  Or, we do have a nursery with lots of fun toys! It is located in the main lobby area.  Our nursery volunteers are screened and approved.  Parents must sign-in their children and must be the ones to pick them up again. 

The praise team sings a song a few minutes before 9:30 so people in the lobby know that the service is about to begin.  

On your way into the worship center you are given a church bulletin by an usher, which will give you a basic order of the service and church announcements.  

For children  3 years old - 2nd grade there is a special class for them if they want to go:  about halfway through the service, they will be dismissed and directed to go upstairs to their class.  Normally, there is a children's message first before dismissal. 

The class always has 2 approved volunteer teachers.  3 year-olds through pre-school are dismissed when the service concludes.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade dismiss to the Fellowship Room at 11:00, where their parents may pick them up.   

During the Service ...

Our worship services usually take about 1 hour.  A Bible-based sermon takes about 25 minutes of that time.  We also spend time in prayer and sing together 5 or 6 songs (the words are up on the screen).  Each week we do take an offering to support our church and another Christian ministry, however we do not expect our guests to give.  We do encourage you to fill out a visitor card and put that in the offering plate instead.  

Once a month we take communion together as a way we remember Jesus' greatest act of love on the cross. 

When church is dismissed, many people stay for some more coffee and chatting.  There are Sunday School classes available for 3rd graders - middle school and adults, which end at 11:30am.  

We hope that you will want to come back again!