Whether exploring our website or walking through our doors, we warmly welcome you!  

Worship services are at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays;  we love to meet new people.  

Park Church is located on 1496 32nd St., next door to Teusink's Pony Farm. 

What's Coming Up? 

Winter 2019

Park Church is reading a book together, Vanishing Grace, by Philip Yancey.  It will correspond to a series of sermons about reaching out.   But, how do we bring the good news of Jesus to our deeply divided world today?  

Why do so many people in our culture dislike Christians?  

What about the Christian's relationship to politics?  

We will be addressing these important topics on Sunday mornings

from January 20 - February 24.    

Wild Wednesdays for our little friends

and their parent or guardian will be held from 9:00-10:00 a.m., 

on Wednesdays in January and February in the Activity Center. 

Discipleship Reading Plan for 2019!

click here

 Each week we will study 3-5 chapters of a gospel.  The reading schedule will be available at the Information Circle and on the church website.  While there won’t be study sheets to fill out, we will ask ourselves 4 questions as we read.   1) What is revealed about God’s plan in these chapters?  2) How did I get to know Christ better as I read His story?  3) What did I learn about myself this week?  4) Is there some action I should take, based on the promptings of the Spirit?  Bi-weekly check-in will happen on Wednesday evenings during Wednesdays@Park from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.


Jesus: Savior, Lord and Friend

The good news of the Gospel is for everyone: Jesus paid the price of our sin and gives us an abundant life of purpose and meaning!  At Park, find out how this matters in our lives everyday.  

A Place of Belonging and Acceptance

We care about one another, including you!  We encourage each other and pray together.  The Bible describes those in the church as the body of Christ or as the family of God.  Authentic and meaningful relationships are important.  Come and be a part of the Park Church family!  

Serving our Community Together

Park Church has been on the Southwest side of Holland for more than 65 years.  Park Church focuses on supporting and building the neighborhood community.   Partner with us to enrich our community.