Getting Involved in Music Ministries & Park Music Academy

Choir rehearsal is on Monday evenings.

Praise team practice is on Wednesday evenings.  

The Park Church Music Academy offers private lessons and a musicianship class for Park children/youth and for those in the neighboring community.  Lessons could include: piano, guitar, drums or vocal.  Sign-ups are limited based on current availability, and interested students will fill out an application.  Click here for the Music Academy Guidelines.  If you would like to fill out an application, click here. 

Those with questions should contact Carol Hochhalter.  

Worship Music at Park Church

Park Church is a gathering of unique and diverse people; our worship reflects that diversity. We sing the ancient songs of the Church and the worship songs written in the last year. We use the organ and the guitar, along with the drums, piano, strings, brass or wind instruments with a praise team or choir.  People of all ages participate in leading worship, and it is our desire to engage with God in the language and style of each person present. Because of this, the voice of Park Church could be described as convergent, a melding of Biblical and historical practices with contemporary expressions of faith.