Who We Are

We are on a journey together learning what the Bible says and working to apply that to our everyday lives.  We welcome others no matter where you are in your faith journey right now.  We all need to know that Christianity is not an exclusive club; it is for anyone.   The gospel message teaches us that all stand equal before God.  Christians are not Christians because we are better people; rather, we are forgiven people.   

We encourage faith development for all ages through lifelong learning, caring relationships, and the practice of spiritual disciplines.  It's important to us that each person can identify their gifts and put them into service for God, one another, and the broader community.

We seek to work with our neighbors to care for spiritual and physical needs.   We value and seek to reflect the diversity of our community.  And, we support regional and global ministries who share our goal of growing God's kingdom.  

The call of God on our lives to be transformed is a huge one. The Holy Spirit is always in the business of transforming us into what we were created to be.   As Christians, we find our purpose in following Jesus' plan for our lives.

Park's Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Park Church strives to glorify God as we gather to grow in our faith and go to make disciples.  

Vision: Inside Out - Growing Faith, Building Community, Serving Others

We value worship experiences where God is glorified through Spirit-led Biblical teaching and fully engaged worshipper.

We value praying together as an integral part of being the Church of Jesus Christ.

We value a grace-based community of truth, unity, love and acceptance where we can safely share our life and faith stories.

We value gathering in smaller groups for spiritual growth, mutual encouragement and ministering to our neighbors.

We value every one discovering developing and serving in the area of their passion and giftedness.

We value lifelong disciple-making, encouraging and equipping all believers to pursue deeper intimacy with Jesus.

We value a mission-shaped church urgently seeking to transform communities with the Gospel, embrace the lost with grace and meet people’s needs in love.

Park's Logo

This tree has been used as our church logo for as long as people remember!  It stands for spiritual growth and maturity.  

"Growing deeper roots, broader branches, and producing living fruit. "