The Christian Reformed Church

Park Church is a member of the "CRC".  Our denomination was started in West Michigan in 1857, and in this area there are still many CRC churches.

The Christian Reformed Church in North America currently has around 1,000 churches scattered across the United States and Canada with a membership around 300,000 people. Many other Christian Reformed churches are in other countries around the world.  We are also closely connected to the Reformed Church in America (the RCA).  For more information about the Christian Reformed denomination, visit their website.

The word "Reformed" comes from the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago.  John Calvin was one of the church reformers of that time, and we hold to a doctrinal outlook that is "Calvinist".  Around this time, other Reformed Christians clearly stated their theological beliefs in three documents, which we call our church's confessions: they are the Heidelberg Catechism, Canons of Dort and Belgic Confession.

Since we emphasize the authority of the Bible and salvation through Jesus, we have much in common with other Christian church denominations.